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Top 5 Paints Brands in Nigeria

Paints is a mixture of pigments (color), binder(gum) and some additives. It is usually appliedto beautify, preserve , add value or even for thepurpose of identification of a space, wall, objectand so on. The quality of any paint brand is dependent onthe composition of...

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Cost Effective Screeding

One of the best ways to prepare the wall before painting is to screed it.With the material for screeding having finer (smaller) particles than plastering materials, screeding whendone with the right components usually make the wall stronger, smoother and in some cases...

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Silk Paint ( Commonly referred to as Satin) Touchstone Premium Satin In my previous posts, I highlighted where flat or matt emulsion paints and textured paints could be used. The benefits and demerits of applying these paints at certain areas of a building depending...

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TEXTURED PAINT Worship Center Painted with Touchstone Textured Paint. This is the part 2 of the post on how to pick the right paint for the right space. You can still access the Part 1 here, in case you have not read it I mentioned that the function of the space to be...

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Painting with Function in Mind.

While the *aesthetic* (Beauty) of a building Project is usually foremost when it comes to painting, juxtaposing it with the *function*(use) of each space within and outside the Building  would help in deciding which type of Paint and what colour would best serve....

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Introducing TOUCHSTONE ANTIFUNGAL SCREEDING PASTE ANTI-FUNGAL SCREEDED WALL (ASOKORO ABUJA) Screeding is an essential part of wall finishing- It provides a firm foundation for the paint, -covers wall imperfections  What the conventional screeding material does not do...

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Choosing the right Paint

Painting walls, ceilings, and home exteriors are some of the most popular DIY fix-ups by homeowners and other stakeholders in the real estate business. Although almost everyone paints from time to time, how many people know what they're buying and applying? Just what...

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To most people, paint is just the colour on the walls of their homes, offices and so on. Some even think paint is only to beautify, hence they could decide not to paint if beautifying the building isn’t a priority to them.
Paints are more than just the colour and painting help improve, preserve, protects among many other benefits the walls or surface to which they are applied.

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