This is the part 2 of the post on how to pick the right paint for the right space.

You can still access the Part 1 here, in case you have not read it

I mentioned that the function of the space to be painted should also be considered when choosing what kind paint to apply.

We would be looking at where the Textured paint is most applicable:

Textured paints are acrylic based paints with some degree of marble stone.
Their application usually lead to some form of patterns on the wall. This pattern could just be in form of scattered sand particles on the wall or of other identifiable shapes like flowers, boxes, lines and so on.

Bare Walls painted with Textured paints are usually more preserved than those painted with regular emulsion.

They are best used outside due to their rough nature.

Hence, Textured paints or texcote as it is popularly known could be considered on external walls of commercial or private buildings.

Benefits of using a Textured Paints includes:

  • More scratch resistance
  • Should remain clean for longer since, touching it would be most unlikely if the pattern is the rough one.
  • Saves the cost of screeding


  • Provides good grip for rodents, lizards and crawling insects to climb your walls
  • Not friendly in a place with playing children.

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