Careers at Touchstone


Painters play a vital role in the building industry, they sometimes go unrecognized in the event that project owners decided to move in without painting due to huge amounts already expended and some of these painters like other artisans could go without jobs for weeks or even months.

We at touchstone have decided to put together a package for every willing and skillful painter.

Benefits include:
1. Pension for life for every painter that consistently markets and use our products for a period of 15 years.

2. Free salary: At least for 2 months any of our painters without a job would have the privilege of been paid.

3. We also have a cash redeemable coupon for every painter that refers other painters or client

Training: As a way of giving back to our partners and ensuring global best practices, we organize training to keep our registered painter as well as the general public abreast of current trends and innovations.

Youth empowerment

We periodically organize training about the Art and Trade of paint through our Academy

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