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Periodic Renovation

We engage in all sizes of renovation projects for organizations as well as individuals.
For this, we partner with banks, Hotels, Major Schools and other Ambience sensitive organisations to ensure that their work place remains ever sparkling all year round.


We ensure our screeding materials are specially formulated not only to smoothen but also to strengthen your walls.

Chat or call our service department for a quote per square meter and a discount.

Enhancing Decks

We have the right solutions to leaking decks and stained soffit.


 We effect all your other changes based on specification and also repaint

Painting Services

Our Painting department is made up of seasoned, loyal and well mannered interior Decorators and Painters.
Delivering affordable housing has been made so easy through our collaboration with Proven Estate developers. Choosing our Screeding and Painting materials and work force has always been a joker to them.

Decorative coats

We offer varieties to choose from. Visit our store for options

Staining and Refinishing

Our paints are life time guaranteed. Check our Color chart for possible match.

Antifungus coat

We prevent the eye sore of having algae growing on your walls. Check gallery for samples of past projects

Wall/Floor Fortification

Since, preparing the wall the right wall or choosing the right wall treatment is the foundation for lasting paints, we also offer dedicated services like :


Since Paint function is as important as its aesthetics, using teroline for dampness prone areas might be an option instead of tilling. Price: N520/sqm

Epoxy Floors/ Walls / Ceiling:

Bring fond memories close to you by having the images on your walls, floors or and Ceiling. Price:N20,000/sqm
Click for pictures.

Design & Consultation

Discussing your project design and function with a finishing expert could save you quite a lot and also help your choices.

Onsite/Off site

we could be consulted from the beginning of your projects to offer cost-effective finishing options.

Special Production

We are your trusted partner. Call or Chat with our specialist to discuss your painting need.

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