One of the best ways to prepare the wall before painting is to screed it.
With the material for screeding having finer (smaller) particles than plastering materials, screeding when
done with the right components usually make the wall stronger, smoother and in some cases offer specific
functions like prevention of algae, moss or water proofing properties.
Hence, the composition of the screeding materials is a determinant of what purpose it would serve.

With the increase in the cost of POP cement due to importation challenges as well as the fall of Naira
against dollar, the use of already prepared Screeding material like the TOUCHSTONE ANTIFUNGAL
is the better alternative.

Some of the other advantages include:
Smoother and stronger wall surface
Prevent Algae growth
Could be tinted to reduce final Painting cost
Saves time and avoid wastage.

It is definitely the cost effective option.

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