Silk Paint ( Commonly referred to as Satin)

Touchstone Premium Satin

In my previous posts, I highlighted where flat or matt emulsion paints and textured paints could be used.

The benefits and demerits of applying these paints at certain areas of a building depending on the function of the space were also mentioned.

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We shall be considering when best to use Silk Paints.

Silk paint which is popularly referred to as Satin (though in real sense, these two paints are different) is a water based paint with mild sheen.

The mild sheen, which is usually due to high volume of acrylic binder makes the paint washable.

Silk paint is sophisticated and elegant. It is less porous than matt paint and it doesn’t get soiled as fast. The mysterious glow makes the paint appropriate to be used in areas with high volume of traffic.

It is however important to note that, to have a flawless surface, the wall must be extremely smooth through proper screeding; as the slightest unevenness would be evident on a Silk painted wall.

On a downside, the silk finish is harder to touch up because new brush marks will show on the surface.

Silk paint is also best if you want the environment to be practical yet stylish. The soft glow adds elegance and the smooth surface is very easy to clean. Almost all silk paints are washable and you can wipe them clean with a soft sponge.

Silk paint could also be applied on a wall that has been previously painted with emulsion or textured paint, if the goal is just to get the surface to become washable.

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