Paints is a mixture of pigments (color), binder
(gum) and some additives. It is usually applied
to beautify, preserve , add value or even for the
purpose of identification of a space, wall, object
and so on.

The quality of any paint brand is dependent on
the composition of the various components as
well as the production process.

The Nigerian market boast of a number of Paint
companies but some of these brands are known
to stand out by offering variety asides giving
value for money, they include:

1.Berger Paint: founded in 1959 by a German
Chemist, Lewis Berger. This brand boost of
popular Emulsion paint ‘Luxol’ currently sold
at N30,336. Their other products include:
Berger Super star, Robbialac, Clinstay (Satin)
and Robbitex and Supertex as Textured.

Though Berger products are durable,
affordability and availability are usually a
challenge in small Cities.

2.Dulux Paint: This foreign brand owned by
AkzoNobel but currently run as a franchise in
Nigeria by Caps Paint is no doubt one of the
best and most costly paints in Nigeria. Dulux
paint is known for wide coverage and weather
shield properties. Their products include
Dulux trade high gloss, Luxurious Silk, Ultra
Matt and their Weather Shield Textured that
currently sells for an average of N46,000 at
their Color Shops found majorly in Cities
where they can be afforded. The possibility of
been adulterated by greedy applicators is also

3.Finecoat Paint: this is a brand the widest
network of distributors as it could found in

almost all the major building material markets
in Nigeria. Produced by Chemstar, finecoat
regular Emulsion paint which goes for about
N5,300 is relatively lower in price and
coverage compared to the other popular

4.Touchstone Paints: this is a product that rings
a bell among paint users that have an eye for
quality and innovation. With much attention
to research, the company has been able to
best match quality with affordability. Their
products include the N7,800 Popular
Antifungal screeding paste known for
providing the best possible wall treatment
before painting, Emulsion Paints, Satin
(N27,450), Textured as well a Paint that helps
regulate room temperature and humidity
called fiber wall coat. They also have a strong
online store, thereby making the purchasing
of their product convenient as well as
eliminating the possibility of adulteration.

  1. Sandtex Paint: this is one of the wide range
    of decorative paints offered by Portland Paint
    company. Known for strength and opacity,
    Sandtex have their own trowel paint, Matt,
    Satin which sells for about N37,043 in January
    2021 as well as intra Emulsion.

No doubt they are other commendable Paint
brands (too many to mention) but we do
hope that this short piece would help you
make informed decision when next you think
about Painting.

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