The importance of having the right set of  tools when painting can never be over emphasized.

Touchstone Paints is partnering with a trusted manufacturer to make a wide range of quality painting tools available to our customers at affordable prices.

From top grade rollers, do it yourself  (DIY) tool kit ,quality brushes , extensions, masking tapes, special rollers and so on, our online store is your best bet.

Benefit of choosing our Tools includes:

  • They are usually custom made to suit their function
  • We pay attention to detail, hence their quality in never in doubt
  • They are usually affordable
  • Get your  jobs done faster and more professionally

Touchstone Paints offers a Wide Variety of Applicators

  • Brushes –Our brushes are available in a wide range of sizes and in both synthetic and natural fibers. Whether you are using acrylic latex paints or oil-based paints, we have the right type of brushes for all applications.
  • Roller Covers –Our roller covers are best for large surfaces when more area needs to be covered with minimal wastage of paint and less effort. We have roller covers available in a variety of naps or thicknesses for different texture or roughness of surfaces.
  • Frames –Our roller frames gives the smoothest rolling action, ensuring maximum comfort. They are available in custom designs for all types of roller covers.
  • Kits –Whether painting a room or a large-size hall, our kits have all the accessories you need to complete the job.
  • Extensions– Our extension poles are tough and lightweight with comfortable grips, making them suitable for even the hardest painting tasks.
  • Trays –We have trays that are durable and capable of handling demanding paint jobs without creating a mess.

Others include face mask, Scrapper, Sanding paper or rolls, hand mixer, painting tray e.t.c

Discuss your Needs with our Team Today

For high-quality paint applicator solution, Touchstone Paints  is the right choice.


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